The State Duma explained how Russia can make money from US and European assets 17:14

Russia can make money without seizing Western assets. This is the opinion in the interview he gave to Duma TV expressed Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations Sergei Gavrilov. According to him, the use of funds, dividends and derivative income is normal.

“We can create a kind of mortgage potential, a pool, from these closed accounts we have accumulated; This means billions of dollars in dollars. And use them as collateral, to lend money, as collateral and make money from them. So we will not officially confiscate them, but we can make money from them,” Gavrilov said.

Referring to why Russia has not yet seized foreign assets, the MP emphasized that the world was founded on respect for law.

May 23 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed A decree giving Russian courts the right to use U.S. property to compensate for losses resulting from the seizure of Russian assets. We are talking about the complete transfer of rights to Russian copyright holders. The State Duma described the decree as a “natural solution” in response to the aggressive policies of the West.

Before that, American leader Joe Biden had signed a law allowing the seizure of Russian assets and their use to help Ukraine, but the US has so far made no attempt to seize the funds.

Previously in Russia calculated the size of American assets in the country.

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Source: Gazeta


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