It was stated that rental commissions were received from some Russians 02:05

From July 1, parents with multiple children, members of families over 18 years of age, retirees, disabled people, war veterans, as well as family members of disabled people and participants in the Great Patriotic War and war veterans were able to pay for housing. and community services and penalties for missing and late payments, without the fees generally charged by individual banks. The newspaper writes about this “News”.

According to Sergei Pakhomov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Construction, Housing and Communal Services, these categories of citizens are completely exempt from commission fees, which usually amount to 1-3% of the monthly payment.

He said the change would result in real savings for people. For example, with a monthly payment of 5,000 rubles, the savings will be at least 600 rubles per year.

The banking community accepted this decision with understanding. Some credit unions have already canceled surcharges for all their customers before the official list of people exempt from commissions has been announced.

Sergei Pakhomov emphasized that the decision is aimed at supporting citizens and justice, not against banks.

This innovation sparked discussions about how it would affect the housing stock and what changes would occur in the banking sector. Andrey Zhbanchikov, head of the public council for housing and communal services of the Saratov city administration, noted that various categories of citizens will significantly save on commission fees for the year.

However, representatives of the Association of Russian Banks (ADB) noted difficulties in implementing new benefits due to the lack of a single source of information about preferential categories of citizens. They suggested discontinuing the digital platform in the social space for more effective implementation of government regulations.

Officials had previously said this. calling Extraordinary approaches to combat wear and tear of the housing stock

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Source: Gazeta


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