Tuya will issue $150,000 million in social bonds for financial inclusion

financing company in the coming months your It will issue social bonds for the purpose of financial participation of $150,000 million, these will be the first to be placed on the Colombian market with this approach.

“Financial access in the company consists of providing the unbanked with affordable, timely and appropriate access to quality financial channels, products and services that they use effectively to meet their needs and increase their well-being. Tuya Leader assured Carlos Iván Villegas.

That was exactly one of Tuya’s goals, as the business was betting on the inclusion of Colombians who earn less than the two-month minimum wage and have no access to the financial system.

Figures from the National Department of Administrative Statistics (Dane) show that 84.5% of the working population in Colombia in 2021 earned less than two minimum wages. According to Opportunity Bank, only 37% of people over the age of 18 had a loan product.

“Secondary social bonds for financial inclusion will allow us to have more resources to continue supporting Colombians’ entry into the formal financial system, financing products and services that make their daily lives much easier, and providing them with opportunities that positively transform their lives.” Villegas stated.

Source: Lare Publica


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