Qiwi commented on the cancellation of the license from QIWI Bank 21:21

The international Qiwi group doubted that the old entity would have the fund after the liquidation of the Qiwi bank, which lost its license. This is stated in Press release companies.

Qiwi said that Qiwi Bank’s remaining capital after liquidation, amounting to 25 billion rubles at the end of 2023, will be transferred to the Russian legal entity Qiwi JSC.

“There is no certainty as to how events will develop, how long the liquidation will take and whether, in principle, any funds will be provided to Qiwi JSC after the liquidation [банка]said the group.

They also stated that there are no signs of bankruptcy of QIWI Bank.

21 February Central Bank of Russia deprived QIWI Bank’s license was revoked for serious violations, which led to the immediate suspension of the Contact payment system. 22 February Bank of Russia excluded QIWI Bank and its Contact payment system are obtained from the register of payment system operators.

Qiwi in January complete The process of selling a Russian business by completing a transaction for the sale of assets in Russia.

previously economist gave advice Owners of qiwi wallets.

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Source: Gazeta


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