Internet Development Institute proposes to give special status to developers of computer games

During his speech at SPIEF-2022, Boris Edidin, Deputy Director General of Legal Affairs at the Internet Development Institute (IRI), suggested that computer games developers be given a special legal status. TASS.

“Actually, games today are not just developers, but content creators – a creative industry. “It is time to understand that games are an independent, complex and extraordinary entity, come together and define specific rules for them,” he explained.

In the roundtable meeting titled “Virtual Worlds, Real Issues: Digital Law and Cyber ​​Security in the Context of the Gaming Industry”, Eddin spoke to artists, designers, sound engineers, etc. stated that the game developers are representatives of IT and the creative industry because they work there. with programmers.

He noted that conditions should be created for this sector, which is predominantly export-oriented.

“Given that the Russian gaming industry in general is export-oriented, more than 80% of the profits of the companies were generated abroad. This is our quality product, which is necessary to create regular conditions that will enable it to develop according to new rules and new conditions, and also to ensure the continuation of the realized export potential, and this is a legal duty,” he said.

The Deputy Director General of Legal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran added that the state should consider bringing protection to the Russian gaming market. According to Edidin, simply pumping money into local companies will not work, because this measure will not work.

“I think that in the foreseeable future, the future of companies, as we remain an open market, it is important to determine the procedure for foreign companies, foreign games to enter the Russian market. The conditions created, soft loans, simplified taxation, etc. to make it really work. We can invest as much as we want in Russian companies, producers, but it is clear that the talent of large foreign studios is much more, ”he summed up.

Formerly Alexey Komissarov, Director General of the Presidential Platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” announcedsaid that in the near future they will launch a new competition for Russian computer games developers called “Start the Game”.

Source: Gazeta


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