Alikhanov warns Lithuania of consequences of restricting transit to Kaliningrad

Governor Anton Alikhanov said Lithuania’s actions to restrict transit through Russia were illegal and would have consequences for the European Union. He stated this in a video message posted on Telegram.

He quoted the agreements made between Russia and the EU within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO), in which the parties agreed to ensure the transit freedom of energy goods in particular. such transits will not be subject to undue delays and restrictions and will be exempt from customs duties. The document also stated that bans on the transit of goods can only be imposed for reasons related to public safety, the protection of human health and life, and the protection of commercial property.

“Obviously, cement transportation has nothing to do with the protection of human life and health in any way. “It’s impossible to connect with that kind of thing,” he said.

Alikhanov said that according to international standards, Lithuanian authorities must notify Russia at least five days in advance of the end of transit.

He noted that Russia is ready for such decisions by the leadership of the neighboring country, work with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues, and the Russian side has put forward “three serious proposals” that can affect the transport complex of the Baltic states. Russia will demand the annulment of its statements regarding Lithuania’s sanctions.

Formerly Alikhanov, Lithuanian Railways informed Kaliningrad will stop transit of a number of goods subject to EU sanctions.

Source: Gazeta


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