Rosneft will take part in the implementation of forest climate projects

According to the company’s press service reports, Rosneft and the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz), St. Petersburg International Economic Forum signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

It was noted that the partners plan to work together to develop a regulatory framework on methodology for assessing the absorption capacity of forests and encouraging investment in forest climate projects in Russia.

Moreover, within the framework of cooperation, the parties aim to carry out joint activities for the protection and reproduction of Russian forests and to explore opportunities to increase their absorptive capacity through the introduction of innovative technologies. Another area of ​​work for Rosneft and Rosleskhoz will be the dissemination and dissemination of information on forest conservation opportunities, support for training and research programs, and training of staff.

Cooperation with Rosleskhoz will create favorable conditions for the implementation of forest climate projects in accordance with international and Russian standards, as well as the Company’s goals in the field of carbon management.

Also named after SPIEF, Rosneft and SM, St. Petersburg State Forest Engineering University. Kirov (St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University) agreed to implement a forest climate project in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the document, scientists will prepare a series of forestry activities with a total absorption potential of 10 million tons of CO2 equivalent. The project was initiated by Rosneft together with the regional government and received the approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As part of the deal, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University will analyze international standards and best practices of forest climate projects and prepare recommendations for their implementation in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, including reforestation, reforestation, conservation and protection of forests. forests with high conservation value.

Rosneft is the first Russian oil and gas company to set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. It is included in the Rosneft-2030 strategy. The company traditionally attaches particular importance to afforestation issues. Thus, in 2021, Rosneft planted about 9.3 million tree saplings.

Source: Gazeta


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