Sber held a business breakfast at SPIEF

Sber, “The Russian Economy: How to Build a Bridge to the Future?” organized a business breakfast. Press service reports of the company at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The moderator of the event was German Gref, Chairman of the Sberbank Board of Directors. Representatives of federal and regional authorities, business leaders and the expert community also attended the business breakfast.

As part of the event, Gref noted that in the current unprecedented conditions, the main challenge is to achieve the structural restructuring of the Russian economy. In such a situation, he believes it is necessary to move on a long horizon by creating the desired image of the domestic economy in 2030. According to German Gref, it is necessary to make a transformational breakthrough that has not been possible in recent years.

“Now, more than ever, the issue of cooperation between government and business is on the agenda, and above all sensitivity and rapid response to emerging needs. And I see the dynamics where the government is starting to solve problems: laws and decisions have never been passed so quickly before. “I see how government-to-business feedback mechanisms work, how new regulations are released every week, how new ideas are emerging on how to support business that hasn’t been adopted before.”

Before the main debate, a vote took place. Those who attended the business breakfast had to answer two questions. First, what would be the optimal scenario for the Russian economy: a reorientation of trade flows to the east while maintaining the current structure of the economy, or a change in the structure of the economy? Second, which of these two scenarios do they find more likely? In the first case, 27.8% voted to redirect trade flows and 72.2% voted to change the structure. In the second, the votes were distributed as 40.6% and 59.4%, respectively.

During the discussion, experts agreed that the transformation in the structure of the Russian economy was inevitable. It is necessary to develop tactics, improve public administration mechanisms and feedback between government and business to build a “bridge to the future” as soon as possible.

At the end of the discussion, the participants voted again. This time, the structural transformation option was chosen by 68.2% of those present – 9% in more than an hour and a half. This means that the optimism of the participants has increased, German Gref summarized the results of the business breakfast and wished everyone the optimism and good luck that will help them succeed.

Source: Gazeta


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