Ukraine will receive a loan from Germany to revive the energy sector 18:11

Ukraine will receive a loan from Germany to revive the energy sector 18:11

Ukrainian Minister of Finance Sergei Marchenko signed an agreement with Germany’s KfW bank, which provides for the provision of loan funds of 24 million Euros to Kiev for the restoration of the country’s energy sector. This was stated on the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

“Today, Ukrainian Minister of Finance Sergei Marchenko signed a guarantee agreement with the national energy company Ukrenergo, which will make it possible to attract loan financing within the framework of a project,” the statement said. The statement was included.

The loan funds will be used to repair energy infrastructure, including the destroyed Ukrenergo substations.

27 December reportedThe new plan, in which the European Union (EU) is evaluating Plan B, which plans to provide financial aid of 20 billion Euros to Ukraine, envisages EU members, with the help of the European Commission (EC), to undertake obligations towards the Commonwealth budget. Kiev will be able to borrow 20 billion euros. The EU used a similar plan in 2020, when the EC provided a €100 billion loan to European countries to support them during the pandemic.

Previously in France stated About the possible liability of Europeans for Kiev’s debts.

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Source: Gazeta


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