Possibilities of investing in gold and Bitcoin were evaluated in Russia 02:29

Investors expect monetary policy to have a positive impact on the precious metal, the newspaper writes:News

“Low inflation figures indicate the possibility of interest rate cuts by world central banks. “This could mean an influx of liquidity into commodity markets, including gold, in the future,” he explained.

Jewelry demand in China reached almost 500 tons in the first nine months of 2023. American hypermarket chain Costco has gone further by offering retail sales of small bars.

But if gold has weathered the period of geopolitical tension of the last two years well, no progress has been made in the applied value of cryptocurrencies during this time: cryptocurrencies are still considered only “an investment object for fiat money”.

Bitcoin price on December 5 exceeded $43 thousand for the first time since April 7, 2022.

Previously Deripaska said About the possible future of the Russian economy in five years.

Source: Gazeta


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