Federal Tax Service excludes the possibility of “tax terrorism” for those who avoid paying taxes 13:35

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) continues to work on a mechanism to block the assets of people who may avoid paying taxes. This was announced by the head of the department, Daniil Egorov, during an interview. RBC.

According to Yegor, up to 50 billion rubles are exempt from taxes due to the actions of unscrupulous taxpayers. He noted that this is known, but there is no tool to combat it in Russia. We are talking about the “retroactive conditional state guarantee” tool.

Egorov explained that this measure will prevent the withdrawal of fixed assets abroad and the enterprise will not have to stop its activities.

“How can things be stopped if the temporary measures go towards fixed assets? “An enterprise can use fixed assets, but cannot sell a means of production,” shared the head of the Federal Tax Service.

At the same time, he emphasized that there is no need to talk about “tax terrorism” in the investigations carried out by the Federal Tax Office. Most of the time inspections are done for a reason. If a few years ago, inspections were initiated and what was going on was revealed, now inspections begin when a reason emerges.

Former head of the Federal Tax Office reported Russian President Vladimir Putin about the record increase in tax revenues.

Source: Gazeta


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