Russians warned about paying too much for heating due to open entrance windows 10:40

Opening the entrance windows in winter can cause apartment residents’ heating bills to increase. Such calculations of experts are given as follows: RIA News.

According to Tatyana Vepretskaya, director of the ANP National Housing Congress partnership, it takes an hour for a house to cool completely at -15°C.

“In houses with energy efficiency class D and lower, you can actually have the same price as double heating if the windows are open,” Vepretskaya said.

Director of the Institute of Construction, Housing and Communal Services GASIS NRU HSE Oleg Rubtsov confirmed that the main heat loss of the building (about 80%) is through external walls and windows. According to him, if 10% of the windows at the entrances are open, the total heat loss will be 3% and the payment for them will fall on the shoulders of the facility owners.

Dmitry Osyanin, Associate Professor of the Main Control Directorate of Moscow PRUE named after GV Plekhanov, explained that the average overpayment for each apartment, depending on tariffs, is from 150 to 400 rubles per quarter.

October 28 in the State Duma reminded about the consequences of refusing to check the meter. If the tenant does not make the verification in time, the resource supply organization (RSO) will begin to charge fees that can double the payment for utilities according to the tariff.

Previously Moscow officials I have right To determine the procedure for calculating heating fees in apartment buildings.

Source: Gazeta


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