MP asks FAS to examine increase in condom prices 04:32

State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service with a request to monitor changes in condom prices and find out the reasons for their sharp increase. writes about this RIA News.

“I ask you to instruct us to follow the changes in condom prices over the last few years, determine the reason for the sharp increase in prices and evaluate the issue in terms of a possible cartel agreement in this market,” the parliamentarian said. said the following in his speech to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Maxim Shaskolsky.

The MP believes that modern mechanisms for reducing condom prices should be explored as part of the fight against the spread of HIV infection and other diseases.

Khamzaev noted that the average cost of a standard package of three condoms in retail sales exceeds 300 rubles. He also emphasized that not using birth control can lead to unwanted pregnancies, abortions and serious health consequences for women.

The MP also pointed out that despite import substitution, most condoms on the Russian market are produced abroad. He called for analysis of advertising strategies and foreign companies’ share of the birth control market.

According to Khamzaev, the sharp increase in infectious diseases in Russia is connected with the inaccessibility and ignorance of the use of contraception. He emphasized that this trend must be combated to ensure public health.

It was previously reported that there was an HIV-infected man in Nizhny Tagil. infected A 17-year-old female student who is aware of her diagnosis.

A 50-year-old tourist before ended up in hospital After 24 hours of sexual intercourse with his wife, necrosis occurred in his penis.

Source: Gazeta


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