Automobile experts explained the three main reasons for increasing car prices 17:00

Automobile experts explained the three main reasons for increasing car prices 17:00

The average increase in car prices in Russia by the end of the year will be 30 percent. Automobile experts announced that the main reasons for the increase in car costs are the indexation of scrap collection, the weak ruble and sanctions

Renat Tyukteev, deputy general director of Avilon AG for new car sales, recalled that after the introduction of the recycling fee, new cars became more expensive by about 120 thousand – 600 thousand rubles. He stated that the upward trend in prices will continue.

“The biggest growth will be observed in cars supplied through parallel imports,” Tyukteev added.

In addition, new sanctions against domestic automobile manufacturers will also affect the situation in the country’s automobile market. Such restrictions will affect partnerships with friendly countries. The logistics of importing Chinese cars in particular will become more complex.

Let us remind you that September 14, USA announced About new sanctions against the companies AvtoVAZ, Moskvich and Sollers, as well as the machinery manufacturer Transmashholding and other companies.

Dealers have been statedHe said that the automobile price increase this year will be 30%. At the same time, demand remains high; For example, almost 607 thousand new passenger cars were sold in 8 months of this year, which is 41% more than the previous year.

Source: Gazeta


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