Japanese company Komatsu partially restarted its supply to Ukraine

Organization head Hiroyuki Ogawa said that Japanese manufacturing company Komatsu will partially continue to supply products to Ukraine. These release reports Nikkei Asia.

The company, which is also engaged in construction and mining equipment, is expected to continue to operate in the Russian Federation. It is planned that the equipment will be serviced through distributors.

“Mining continues in Ukraine, including iron ore. The equipment continues to be used even after the start of conflicts with Russia, and deliveries to distributors partially resumed, ”explained the head of the company from Japan.

As the head of Komatsu noted, deliveries will continue to regions in Ukraine where a safe stop has been confirmed.

The company announced that they intend to continue to offer spare parts and services through their distributors in Russia.

Earlier, it was known that the Paysend money transfer system decided. to stay After the announcement of his resignation in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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