The Federal Customs Service named one of the main items of Russian budget revenue 08:11

Food exports become the main source of income for the Russian federal budget after oil and gas. He stated this in an interview RIA News Deputy head of the Federal Customs Service Ruslan Davydov within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum.

According to him, the country has almost exceeded its grain export targets for 2022. The most exported products are grains, oilseeds, butter, vegetable oil and sunflower. The main buyers of Russian grain are China, Middle Eastern countries, Egypt and Kazakhstan.

Davydov added that the growth in exports of agricultural products is about 70 percent in weight terms, but less in the price category, because everything depends on the situation in the cost of products.

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting on the draft federal budget for 2024-2026 stated About the stabilization of the budget situation and its surplus in August.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine. is watching chronicle of events.

Source: Gazeta


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