Crowdfunding platform a2censo completes 100 campaigns for $41,288 million

Colombian Stock Exchange’s (BVC) crowdfunding platform a2censo reached 100 campaigns in 28 months of operation, representing a total of $41,288 million. On average, it has successfully developed 3.5 projects per month, thanks to more than 30,000 projects. investments.

Added to these figures are more than 7,681 investors who have the support of the National Guarantee Fund (FNG), up to 70% of the amounts traded on the same platform.

In fact, 13 companies have decided to return for one or more investment rounds. These include Pets Bichos, De una Gruas, Elepha, Genersa, Mister Tru, Habi, T4 Colombia, Plusaseo Hogar, RobinFood, Servisépticos, Alternative Energy Systems, Tower One Wireless and Velonet.

President Juan Pablo Cordoba BVCHe’s confident that the “top 100 funded campaigns in such a short time” demonstrates that there is a thriving business universe that needs support to continue growing. feels identified with different business projects that bet on entrepreneurship and want to participate in this growth process if we make it easy to access and put in their pocket”.

When the behavior of the campaigns according to the sectors is examined, it is seen that 20 campaigns are recorded in the case of information and communication; 15 campaigns in renewable energy; agribusiness, ten campaigns; health, seven campaigns; research and science, six, and accommodation and food services, five projects.

The fastest-ending campaign was Mister Tru’s second with 25 seconds. The biggest were Habi and RobinFood, each with $3 billion in funding. This last company is the company that attracts the most investors, with a total of 1,796 exhibitors.

Source: Lare Publica


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