Microsoft developed a new default font 07:06

Microsoft’s chief program manager, Cy Daniels, said the company’s move away from the popular Calibri font was due to the higher resolution displays of recent generations. It has been reported DEA News.

“Today we enter the final phase of this major change as Aptos has become the new default font in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel by hundreds of millions of users,” Daniels said.

He said that in the coming months all clients will switch to the new default font. He added that the Calibri font has been used for 15 years.

A developer and blogger formerly under the pseudonym NTDev managed to run A running version of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system on a PC with only 176 MB of RAM. This amount of RAM is about 1/20 of Microsoft’s recommended minimum requirements. To be able to run the operating system, the blogger had to minimize processes inside Windows 11.

NTDev announced that it is actively reducing the functionality of the operating system and also minimizing the number of drivers. According to journalists, the text version of Windows 11 without graphics can run on 96 MB of RAM, but NTDev managed to preserve the familiar look of the desktop of the popular operating system.

previously stop date announced Work in Windows 11.

Source: Gazeta


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