Russians were advised to convert dollars to rubles

Alexander Losev, Managing Director of Sputnik Capital Management, in an interview with the agency “Hitting the Primer” He said the demand for cash dollars remains, but it is worth making a series of transactions with them in non-cash form.

According to the investor, it is recommended to convert dollars to rubles and put them in your deposits. Keeping interest rates high will make it possible to profit from exchange rates due to the difference in discount rates.

“A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the world economic system built over the years: stopping the “printing” and raising Fed rates, disrupting global commodity chains due to anti-Russian sanctions, destabilizing the energy market, and other accumulated vulnerabilities. It would lead to a powerful economic crisis that had never happened before during the Great Depression,” warned the expert.

Losev argues that the dollar will not always be in the leading position in the world market, and advises to “get used to” the Chinese yuan and rely more on the ruble.

Former Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Dubinin He told socialbites.caThat the current exchange rate of the American currency is unfavorable for Russia. Opinions of lawmakers and economists differed on this issue.

Source: Gazeta


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