A fish farming project was evaluated in the Sakhalin Region 09:40

The fish farm project in the Kuril Islands will help to add another 60 billion rubles to the budget of the Sakhalin Territory. In this respect reported on the regional government website.

“The total cost of the project should reach one trillion rubles, that is, about 60 billion additional revenues to the budget,” the report states.

According to Alexander Nevredinov, head of the Eurasian Fisheries Alliance, quoted by the press service, attention should now be paid to the development of aquaculture, the cultivation and in-depth processing of seafood and fish. In addition, the Kurils are located close to China and Japan, which are the main consumers of wild salmon.

June 15, scientists of the Murmansk Institute of Marine Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences reportedthat fish and crab stocks may increase in the Barents Sea due to increased phytoplankton productivity.

Prior to that, the Russian government obliged foreign investors to coordinate their right to harvest 47 species of fish and seafood with the government commission.

Source: Gazeta


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