Bloomberg: Eni has changed its mind on paying for Russian gas in rubles

Italian energy company Eni SpA plans to pay for gas supplies in May, even if the euro payment is converted to rubles. This was reported by Bloomberg citing sources.

According to sources, the decision is connected with Gazprom’s negotiation efforts – they explained that such payments would not violate EU sanctions, since the Bank of Russia would not be directly involved in them.

“Eni has not yet opened a ruble account, but is conducting legal work to prepare for its opening if necessary,” the sources said.

At the end of April, Eni SpA CFO Francesco Gattei declarationHe said that the company did not open a ruble account to pay for Russian gas.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó saidHe said that some European companies that import Russian gas have accepted the payment plan proposed by Moscow, but not everyone is honest about it. The Minister pointed out that the Hungarian company transferred the gas fee in Euros to Gazprombank and instructed this bank to convert it into rubles. After that, he announced that the funds will be deposited into a ruble account, from which Gazpromexport has already received payments.

Source: Gazeta


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