The emergence of “young rich” in Russia on the backdrop of the SVO is predicted 04:26

One of the social consequences of a special military operation (SVO) in Russia may be the formation of a new social group of “young rich” military personnel, receiving significant payments from the state. This version is laid out in a new analytical note “On the 2023-2026 economic agenda: the problem of growth bottlenecks,” by Dmitry Belousov, head of analysis and forecasting of macroeconomic processes at the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting. (CMASF), writes red blood cell.

The expert believes that special investment tools can be developed for this category of youth. Belousov offers space technology, drone manufacturing and other fields. The author of the note believes that this is relevant “taking into account the socio-cultural characteristics of patriotic young men.”

The economist believes that “a new source of investment has emerged in the country” due to “young rich against the background of the SVO”. Investing is still a riskier financial experiment than retirement savings, according to the expert.

Belousov reminded that large-scale payments to the military in the NMD region are at least three times the average salary in the country. Due to this enrichment of men, there is already an increasing consumer demand in the country. “Furthermore, the process will obviously only grow,” Belousov said. It was noted that the authorities did not disclose the details of the budget expenditures for social benefits in connection with the military operation.

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin Established A lump sum payment to the families of the employees of the Ministry of Emergencies who died or were injured in the special operations zone. According to the decree, if the soldiers of the rescue military formations, federal firefighters and the Ministry of Emergency Situations died in the NVO region, his family will receive a lump sum of 5 million rubles. injury – 3 million.

Source: Gazeta


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