UN announces that Russia imposes restrictions on ship registrations in Yuzhny port 20:50

UN Secretary-General spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the Russian Federation had notified the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) to limit the registration of ships in the port of Yuzhny due to Russia’s lack of ammonia exports. Words lead the way DEA News.

“Russia has informed SKC of its decision to limit ship registrations in the port of Yuzhny,” he said.

According to Dujarric, this will continue as long as there are no ammonia exports. He said that currently the UN is making efforts in a number of areas to address the problem of ammonia exports from the Russian Federation.

Dujarric added that the United Nations is concerned about the slowdown in implementation of the grain agreement.

Sergey Vershinin, Former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation declarationIt is not possible to talk about the continuation of the Black Sea grain initiative on 17 July without solving the Russian ammonia problem.

Source: Gazeta


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