Thailand quadruples food supply to Russia, including rice 08:37

Thailand has more than quadrupled its supply of agricultural products to Russia, mainly rice, in 2022. The increase was 315%. Valery Barchenko, Chairman of the Russia-Thailand Business Council, spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Among Thailand’s exports to Russia, agricultural products, especially rice ($15 million, +315%) showed the biggest growth (end of 2022 – Ed.),” he said.

Previously, Kommersant newspaper cited a source among suppliers WroteThat the price of rice groats in Russia may increase by 10-30% due to the decrease in the quality of raw materials due to adverse weather conditions in the Krasnodar Territory. This is where most of the country’s rice is grown. According to the news of the newspaper, suppliers reported this situation to retail chains. Some market participants confirmed to the newspaper that they had received notifications of price increases from suppliers. At the same time, depending on suppliers, some retail chains received notices of price increases of 15-30%, while others – 8-19%.

at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation reported Journalists say that there is no reason for the price of rice and rice groats to rise in Russia this season, and the current export ban guarantees the supply of the Russian market.

Source: Gazeta


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