Belgian authorities claim they facilitated the export of fertilizers to the Russian Federation through their ports 11:47

Brussels is now facilitating the export of fertilizers owned by Russian businesses through its ports. This has been reported Web site Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

The publication explains that Belgian authorities support the extension of the grain deal.

“In the context of the famine, Belgium is working closely with the UN and the World Food Program to facilitate the transport of fertilizer components belonging to Russian companies,” the diplomatic mission explained.

Fertilizer components are sent to countries in need.

Authorities also denied accusations by the Russian Federation that Belgium and some European countries were involved in blocking the export of these fertilizers.

Returning to Brussels, they hailed the extension of the agreement, which promoted the export of Ukrainian grain and Russian fertilizers, as a positive moment.

Former Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported About the extension of the grain deal.

Source: Gazeta


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