Russians explain why coffee is getting more expensive

Ramaz Chanturia, General Manager of the Tea and Coffee Producers Association Roschaikofe, explained the reasons for the increase in coffee prices. This has been reported DEA News”.

Brazil is the main producer of coffee. At the beginning of last year, there was a drought, followed by severe frosts, which led to a reduction in the current crop and a negative impact on the following.

“Also, remember that coffee is a commodity. Adverse weather conditions led to negative expert forecasts and, as a result, 2-3 times higher prices in world stock markets.

In addition, the increase in the price of a product depends on the exchange rate of the ruble.

Chanturia added that coffee retail prices are under pressure from many factors, but most of them depend on the price of retail chains.

According to him, the consumer should be prepared for the fact that in the near future coffee will become an expensive product.

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Source: Gazeta


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