Russian craft brewers announced a 25-30% price increase

Roman Gushchin, managing partner of Rewort Brewery near Moscow, told that prices for domestic craft beer have already increased by an average of a quarter.

All the materials we craft, the price of raw materials increased by 25-30 percent. Yeast, malt, hops, fruit purees, juices. Everything but water,” Gushchin said.

For some Russian producers, the cost of domestic malt has doubled. For example, Poland’s import cost rose from 79 to 98 euro cents per kilogram.

The contribution of malt to the cost of boutique beers is around 60%. The share of malt cost is lower in light (classic) beers. On average – 20%, Gushchin said.

Brewers also cite problems with another key ingredient in craft beer beverages: hops.

“Domestic poor quality. It is purchased with imported foreign currency in the USA, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand… Hops prices increased by 10% in March compared to February. If we also take into account the exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar, in the end hops prices rose by almost a third. st. Kraft is getting more expensive than the classic classics of the big breweries,” said Valentin Hed, manager of the Beergeek bar near Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg. He predicted the inevitable decline of the craft beer product line.

How will the craft beer industry change, what will brewers produce now and how do they plan to emerge from the crisis in their field? material “Gazet.Ru”.

Source: Gazeta


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