Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency: Russian airlines will be able to use Western aircraft until 2030 03:37

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Alexander Neradko, said Western aircraft belonging to Russian airlines could “fly safely” by 2030 if work is carried out to maintain their airworthiness. It has been reported red blood cell.

According to him, the sanctions prohibiting the supply of spare parts and maintenance of aircraft did not affect the safety of flights in the Russian Federation.

Roman Gusarov, former head of the industry portal “Avia.ru” declarationToday, there are more than 600 Boeing and Airbus aircraft in the domestic fleet and will be replaced by the Russian MS-21 aircraft. According to him, the import substitution process can take about 10 years.

He added that in the future the production scale of the MS-21 will be large, as the Irkutsk Aviation Plant is already working to increase the mass production of the aircraft.

Source: Gazeta


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