95th gasoline burns less than 92nd: truth or myth?

There is an opinion that if you fill the tank with gasoline with a higher octane number, the fuel consumption will decrease. For example, instead of the 92nd gasoline, spray the 95th, and instead of the 95th – the 98th. The hundredth of gasoline will be spent drop by drop.

This verdict is not without truth, but the expert of Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automobile publication in Russia, Mikhail Kolodochkin draws attention to a very important aspect: it doesn’t happen right away.

“Driving at one gas station, say 50 km more, is only possible if a heavily polluted engine can be washed of deposits due to a lengthy transition to ‘improved’ petrol,” he warns.

Simply put, improved fuel can gradually wash the engine to some extent and return it (not 100%) to its original characteristics. But no more.

If you test two new cars, one on regular fuel and the other on upgraded fuel, the results are the same: both in power and fuel economy. You won’t see an abundance of passport data, even during bench tests.

You can learn more about the characteristics of improved fuel in Mikhail Kolodochkin’s original article “Why you should fill in improved gasoline – 5 (false!) statements”

Source: Z R


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