There may be problems with the production of plates in Russia

In Russia, there may be problems with imported spare parts for equipment for the production of plates. About informs “Kommersan”.

According to the publication, the equipment for the industrial production of registration plates is Russian-made. However, sensors, electronics, geared motors and some other components are mainly produced abroad. Under the sanction conditions, it is most likely impossible to get them. According to experts with Kommersant, the production of Russian analogues should now be dealt with.

In addition, the newspaper reported that the Ministry of the Interior has opened several tenders to purchase a large number of state license plates for cars, motorcycles and taxis. The total amount of the contract is 2 billion rubles.

Previously reportedHe said that the LDPR fraction in the State Duma appealed to the head of the Russian traffic police with a proposal to use the letters V and Z on the registration plates of cars.

Source: Gazeta


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