New license plates may have quality issues

Ali Ibragimov, president of the Union of Vehicle Number Plate Manufacturers, told Kommersant that Russian license plate manufacturers had to switch raw material suppliers. Aluminum for blanks is used in Russia. But the reflective film was previously supplied by an American company.

However, they have already managed to find a replacement for the company that left the Russian market. Chinese and Korean suppliers came in their place. Manufacturers noted that their material is not inferior to the previous one in quality and at the same time even cheaper.

Experts recalled that a few years ago, Chinese film was already used on Russian songs, and it held up worse than American ones.

Experts hope the company has already remedied the shortcomings. But the drivers were nevertheless reminded of the possibility to replace the number under warranty if the film starts to “peel”.

In the short term, numbers with foil from new suppliers will be purchased. The Interior Ministry announced plans to purchase a large batch of car and motorcycle license plates. The total value of the contract will be about 2 billion rubles.

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Photo: Evgeny Yepanchintsev / TASS

Source: Z R


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