We are transporting a car from the UAE: all the benefits and risks

Where to buy

The main hub for car sales in the UAE is Dubai. In Dubai itself is the Avir market (Al Awir). A huge area, the right handlebars are separated from the left in several places, new ones are separated from used ones. 25 km from Dubai in the suburbs of Sharjah – Abu Shagara market. Another similar market – Ajman (Ajman) – a little further from the center, specializes in expensive cars.

Cars are not cleaned up. The product is presented on both market sites and local advertising sites, the language is English as the markets are mainly for export. “Managers” also partially know English. They accept card and cash payments.

Another source of cars, including new ones, are auctions. But it is not a fact that it will come out cheaper, and the seller can block the sale if he is not happy with the final price.


1. Delivery. In most cases this is a combination of sea and rail transport, not including car transport. The cost varies greatly depending on the route (the most popular is through Iran), the size of the car and the point of arrival: from 800 to 2000 dollars.

In Russia, cargo usually arrives at the port of Astrakhan. For the inhabitants of the Urals, it may be more advantageous to order delivery to one of the cities of Kazakhstan, and only from there alone. Delivery times are usually from one month to one and a half months.

2. Customs clearance: import duties, excise duties, VAT, disposal fee, customs clearance, proof of ownership.

The costs are highly dependent on the price of the car and the engine power. For small cars, the benchmark is about 1 million rubles, cars such as Toyota Camry – less than 2 million, large SUVs – 2.5-3 million rubles.

3. Registration. It is necessary to obtain SBKTS (10-30 thousand rubles, depending on the region) and, in theory, install ERA-GLONASS – but so far this requirement has been suspended.

4. Overhead: for a trip to Dubai, currency exchange, commission payment, shipping insurance and so on. A total of 200-300 thousand rubles.

What’s the price

Trend: The more expensive the car, the more profitable it is to buy it in the Emirates. “Public Employees” don’t let you store anything, and it’s harder to find them there. And say, Hyundai Santa Fe 4×4 2.5 (180 horsepower) is pointless to carry around. Taking into account all the additional costs, about 4 million rubles comes out – for this amount or a little more you can buy “Santa” from us.

  • Toyota Landcruiser 300 in Dubai it costs 4-5 million rubles (in terms of dirhams). With customs clearance and delivery, it comes to 7-8 million. In the salons of our dealers, Land Cruiser is now no cheaper than 10 million.
  • Mitsubishi Montero with a V6 petrol engine (209 hp) we called Pajero. “Emirati” costs 4.5-5 million rubles.
  • Nissan Kicks – a car for emerging markets: a common platform with Duster, looks more fashionable, richer equipped. It costs about 1 million rubles in the UAE. The same amount – delivery and customs clearance. In total it will be released much like Kaptur.

Distance purchase

If there is no need to contact our “gray”, you can use the services of local companies. They arrange the purchase and delivery.

The last part of the payment (15-20% of the cost) is usually paid upon arrival in Russia or Kazakhstan. It will be more expensive than doing everything yourself, but cheaper than the official one. Some companies promise delivery within 8-10 days.

The option is considered risky: there were cases when companies suddenly refused the transaction – and the problem arose how to repay the prepayment made.


First horror story concerns the equipment of the “car for the UAE” – they say that there is no stove and no heating, instead there is a boosted air conditioner. On some machines there may not be a heated windshield, steering wheel or seats, but there is always a heater as such.

Second: Middle Eastern cars have weak anti-corrosion treatment, in our country they begin to rot from the second winter. This is also not always true as the markets collect cars from all parts of the world. Also for Europe and the US.

Third: vehicles for the UAE are filled with working fluids with properties specific to a warm climate without winter. Well, guys, the same antifreeze is used in Krasnodar and Murmansk. Yes, and it’s easy to change it for peace of mind.

  • Which models will fill the gap in our car market is described here.
  • “Driving” can be read in Telegram.

Source: Z R


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