How do police officers test drivers’ patience?

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, during a large-scale raid, employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate punished violators by showing “shock content” on a tablet with real accidents. The regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported an unusual educational incident.

“The employees of the state traffic inspectorate wanted to put the participants in a stressful situation and give them the opportunity to understand that a similar tragedy can happen to them if they do not change their attitude to road safety rules.” reported At the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

It was noted that the state traffic inspectorate’s attempt to stage a shocking demonstration to the drivers was supported by the road owners.

regularly on social media be obvious the stories of the victims of various actions of the traffic police were not prescribed by the rules and regulations. So, in Nizhny Novgorod, a traffic policeman this summer

allegedly asked the driver to breathe into the button phone to check if the man had alcohol,

and noted the readings on the screen of an impromptu “alcotest”.

“At first I didn’t get it myself, I thought, some tubeless new technology, that’s how everyone shows it. Then I looked at the registrar and saw this. By the way, today they especially knocked me down, checked everything, even forced me to go to the examination, ”complained the driver.

Another recent incident occurred in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow with a motorcyclist who was stopped by the traffic police. The traffic inspectors asked to show the documents for the two-wheeled vehicle, which did not need to be registered with the traffic police because of its low engine power, and did not want to let the driver go.

“Let’s do it this way – we’ll write a report, send it for review. Do you need these extra issues?

– the traffic police said in a conversation with the driver of the moped, who videotaped what happened and published on YouTube.

Beyond the Law

Serhiy Radko, a lawyer for the Freedom of Choice automobile movement, says that in such situations, traffic cops disregard the law, do not respect road users and are illiterate.

“These actions cross the line. The law provides no such thing – neither forcing them to watch shocking videos nor blowing their phones.

This all stinks of abuse of power.”

Radko explains to

As for the situation with the scooter, the traffic police do not have the right to request documents for a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine capacity of 50 cubic meters. cf. The moped rider only needs to carry a driver’s license and a helmet, says the lawyer.

“Full “fragmented” personnel can negatively affect the psyche of even the healthiest person”

– psychologist Vladislav Podolyako noted in an interview with

Viktor Travin, Chairman of the Board of Legal Protection of Vehicle Owners, is convinced that the behavior of some traffic cops in such situations can be explained by extortion attempts, some want to show their strength, some are wrong and do not know the law well.

“If they say that they are trying to put themselves in a stressful situation, then such an employee has nothing to do in the internal affairs bodies,” the human rights activist tells –

Putting the driver in a stressful situation is to encourage him to behave inappropriately while driving, which is very disturbing.

No need for “bullying”

According to lawyer Sergei Radko, he needs to be treated kindly, even if the driver thinks that the traffic inspector has exceeded his authority.

“You have to write down the names, the numbers of the cars and badges, and their assignment. And then – call the task unit of the unit and report that the employees are busy, at least arbitrarily, ”says Radko.

You must immediately stop the dialogue with the traffic inspector,

Viktor Travin suggests making illegal demands.

“The law does not provide to put a person in a stressful situation. Those who engage in dialogue will take that traffic inspector all the way to the end until the driver forks or goes crazy from stress,” he emphasizes.

When preparing to communicate with a traffic police officer, road users must adhere to the following setup: the traffic inspector is not an enemy and is called to maintain order, so you should not be afraid of him, advises a conflict specialist Lyubov Tsoi. and candidate of sociological sciences, in an interview with

Psychologist Vladislav Podolyako adds that if the traffic inspector shows confidence in his conversation with him, he may decide not to contact the driver.

“The police officer has authority and is being bullied.

– that is, he wants to displace a person. If a person is self-confident, keeps his feelings to himself and does not act defiantly, then most likely conflict will be avoided, ”the expert summarized.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, employees of the State traffic inspectorate deliberately emphasized the consequences of real accidents, showing traffic violators on a tablet. Human rights activists and psychologists say such measures are illegal and can negatively affect the psyche.

Source: Gazeta


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