Where to go – 133 itineraries for car travel

This is not even a list, but detailed guide maps for car travelers, which can be found on the Rostourism Russia Travel website.

In total, Rostourism has prepared 133 routes for car trips of different durations – from a few days to five or more days. And this is not just trips to famous places such as the Golden Ring, Kazan, St. Petersburg and so on. Those who want to take a road trip can opt for a tour of any region of Russia.

On the Federal Office of Tourism’s autotravel website, the maps are divided into seven main areas:

  • Central Russia,
  • North,
  • South,
  • Volga Region,
  • Siberia,
  • ural,
  • Far East.

You can choose a suitable route very quickly: the description example consists of a list of points of interest, the starting point and the duration of the trip.

The map itself provides all the necessary information for both the route and the region – the length, seasonality and remoteness of the starting point from the major cities. A map is also included showing the main points of the route and a schedule for each day of local attractions and the time required to visit and the cost if a fee is charged.

Source: Z R


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