In Adygea, a cargo truck crashed over a passenger car.

In Adygea, a cargo truck with a trailer collided with a Lada Granta sedan. About informs regional press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The accident occurred on the 27th km of the A-160 Maykop-Bzhedugkhabl-Adygeysk highway in the Teuchezhsky district. A semi-trailer truck entered oncoming traffic and collided with a Lada Granta. In the report, it was stated that three passengers in the domestic car were injured in different severity as a result of the accident.

Judging by the photo, after the accident the truck overturned onto a passenger car. st. It is stated that a family from St. Petersburg went to Lada Granta. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Previously reportedIn the city of Georgievsk, a 36-year-old man smashed someone else’s car with a metal bar because he was disturbed by loud music.

Source: Gazeta


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