Human rights activist Travin advised how to avoid traffic police attention on the road

To avoid attracting the attention of a traffic cop, drivers need to show that they have nothing to hide when approaching the traffic police – for example, you can change lanes to the far right. This was told to by Viktor Travin, Head of the College of Vehicle Owners’ Legal Protection.

“When I pass the traffic cops and switch to the far left lane, if they are standing on the right side of the road, I change lanes to the far right, even though I don’t need to. I drive very close to show that I have nothing to fear,” Travin explained.

In this case, there is a high probability that the traffic police will not control the driver. If a driver tries to hide in the back of a truck, drives in the far left lane and “slowly sneaks out,” this could be the basis for a stop, the KPZA head says.

The source states that the probability of stopping the driver depends on the nature and psychology of perception among traffic cops, what plan is given to them to detect violators, and what special events are held that day.

“Sometimes nothing depends on the driver: a crystal clear and clean driver can be stopped because the traffic cop is imagining something,” Travin summed up.

Former auto expert Shaparin saidWhat words cannot be said to a traffic cop.

Source: Gazeta


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