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Have you heard of the Jetour brand? And she will be in Russia


A sub-brand of the Chinese company Chery called Jetour is planning to enter foreign markets, including Russia and Kazakhstan, writes Chinese Automobiles.

The brand is young, it is only 4 years old and was originally positioned as a brand of travel cars, it is not for nothing that the word Tour is embedded in its name – a journey.

Jetour X70

Jetour X70

Until now, Jetour shared powertrains and some technical solutions with parent company Chery, but now it has decided to develop its own model line, which will include 4 crossovers, 3 SUVs and hybrid cars.

The crossovers Jetour X70 and X90 are already on the market and the models Jetour Dasheng (X-1) and Jetour X-2 are waiting for them.

Jetour X70

Jetour X70

Names for SUVs have not yet been invented, they are still positioned under the code names T1, T2 and T3.

It is preparing Jetour and hybrids, their number is not specified, but by 2024, Jetour plans to become a “completely green” brand.

The brand has invested 30 billion yuan (262 billion rubles) in the development and promotion of its models. The brand is already represented in the countries of South America and Africa and plans to enter the markets of another 60 countries by 2023, including Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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