6 handy setups at the gas station – they’ll fool you, and you won’t notice!

Experienced drivers know many tricks. However, scammers are constantly coming up with new money scams so you should always keep your eyes peeled.

1. “Rubber” gas tank

Some gas stations allow you to fill up with more fuel than will fit in the tank. At least that’s what the counter on the column counts. Of course, a slight excess of volume is possible, since some of the fuel remains in the nozzle of the filling nozzle. However, sometimes this is intentional fraud.

How do you prevent deception? In general, absolutely not, because to prove the fact of fraud, you need to know exactly the amount of fuel in the tank before entering the gas station. You can protect yourself by pouring gasoline into a metal canister first, but this is very tricky. It is best to refuel at large chain gas stations, and avoid unnamed or franchised gas stations.

2. We refuel you ourselves

It is of course convenient, once you have arrived at the gas station, to refuel without leaving the car. A similar service can be provided by tankers who use hose and gun tricks to fill the tank with less fuel than is shown on the gauge.

How do you prevent deception? Everything is very simple here: refuel the car yourself or closely follow the actions of the tanker.

3. No change for change

Often when paying with a large bill you hear the answer from the cashier: there is no change. For most customers, this is a no-brainer. But during the day the cashier collects a very noticeable amount of money.

How do you prevent deception? Before visiting a gas station, it is recommended that you exchange a large bill for smaller bills and coins. With cash payment, it is better to buy a certain number of liters, rather than fill up the entire banknote. The safest way to pay is by credit card.

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