ERA-GLONASS returns to Russian-made cars

The ERA-GLONASS emergency warning system, which has become one of the main losses due to the shortage of electronic components, exacerbated by the interruption in the previous supply chains, may soon return to the conveyor belts of Russian car factories. Avtograd News writes that AvtoVAZ begins assembling cars with an ERA-GLONASS unit from an alternative supplier.

So far we are talking about only one model and only a limited range of cars – according to the source, at least six copies of the Lada Niva Legend equipped with an emergency warning system have been mounted on the conveyor belt in Togliatti in test mode.

Recall that now a special decree allows the sale of cars without ERA-GLONASS to official dealers. But this temporary measure was “free” only until August 1 – after this period, the manufacturer (or his representative – the dealer) is obliged to install the system unit on the sold car without fail and invite the owner for a service.

  • As for the Niva Legend, recently the SUV officially went back on sale – so far without ERA-GLONASS.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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