BMW patents i Vision Circular concept from recycled materials in Russia

BMW has patented a conceptual model of the car called Vision Circular in Russia. informs portal “Automobile news of the day”. Images of the machine were published in the database of the Federal Industrial Property Institute (FIPS).

The car is distinguished by a signature radiator grille combined with optics, as well as an all-glass roof that smoothly flows into the windshield. The body of the i Vision Circular is made from recycled materials. Machine parts are interconnected with cords, rivets and other fasteners. On wheels with a complex pattern, only the minimum necessary material was used, and the tires were made of natural rubber.

However, Serial i Vision Circular, until 2040 BMW will not promise to launch a car that will be made entirely from recycled materials.

Previously reportedIn South Korea, BMW has started offering options for so-called subscription. To activate a particular function, the owner simply goes to the BMW ConnectedDrive app, registers, selects the required options and pays for the service.

Source: Gazeta


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