The expert “Behind the wheel” gave an opinion on the introduction of paid travel to Moscow

Think of the essence of innovation. Yesterday, July 26, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on his Telegram channel that he had signed a decree on the introduction of tolls on the Moscow High Speed ​​​​Diameter (MSD) from January 1, 2023. The innovation affects only motorists. in public transport and not for residents of Moscow and the region.

“This has been done to protect the highway from extra traffic from transit cars and to give residents of the region the opportunity to shorten the travel time. We expect the transit flow to go along the Central Ring, as before,” said the mayor. in a statement.

How much “newcomers” will have to pay has not yet been decided, this issue is being discussed. How the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region will be protected from payment is also not yet clear – the mechanism is under development.

Will the toll significantly relieve the city?

Expert opinion

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

– Obviously, those who came to the capital for a long time to live and work from other regions will be fully affected by this problem: they have their own transport, registered at the place of registration.

I don’t think paid travel will relieve the city significantly. Those who need to go to Moscow – grab a bite, look at the city – will do it anyway. Those who want to skip along the way pay or get on other free roads. And those who now drive more comfortably around the Central Ring will continue to travel there.

And everything would be fine, but “tolls along accords set a precedent,” notes our expert. People are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea that travel on new urban roads can be paid for – after all, they have to be built to find money for this.

Now they talk about compensation only for transit workers, and then you can enter compensation for the rest. Something similar happened, for example, with paid parking in the capital. At first they promised not to go outside the Boulevard Ring zone, but now they have been introduced into almost every neighborhood of the city at “urgent requests from residents”. And their numbers are steadily growing.

Our expert predicts that the next interpreter candidate will be the northern student of Kutuzovsky Prospekt, who will walk from the city of Moscow to the Moscow ring road.

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