Tiggo 8 with unique fuel saving system: available soon

The Tiggo 8-series crossover with a new DHT hybrid transmission is coming to foreign markets. First such a car will be presented in Brazil, where it will be called the Tiggo 8 Pro e+. And in Russia, the first hybrid of Chery will appear next year.

Chery’s DHT system includes three engines: a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine and two electric motors, and a three-speed transmission will provide torque transfer of up to 510 Nm.

Based on a dual motor drive configuration, Chery’s DHT has nine modes of operation, such as single motor/dual motor drive, range extension, parallel, direct drive, single/dual motor power recovery, on-the-go charging and others. While driving, the control system itself calculates the optimum work equipment.

With 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 operating modes and 11 transmission ratios, the car can cover a distance of 100 km using only the energy of electric motors, and the fuel consumption in the combined cycle is one liter per 100 kilometers. Such a car accelerates to 100 km/h in 7 seconds.

Tiggo 8 with unique fuel saving system: available soon

Chery’s lineup of future models includes three-motor mono and four-wheel drive hybrids. By 2030, the company aims to start mass-producing gasoline and hybrid engines with a maximum thermal efficiency of 45% and a fuel consumption of more than 95%.

Source: Z R


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