Russia registers “their” brands Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW

The reason for this is the desire of the applicants to produce products under a well-known brand, while the owner company has left Russia. Applications include clothing and perfume brands (Levi’s and Christian Dior), beverages and contraceptives (Coca-Cola and Durex), payment systems (Mastercard and American Express) and cars – Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Lawyers are convinced that applicants will not be able to register well-known trademarks, RBC writes. Interestingly, some brands appear with slightly changed names – for example, Nezpresso coffee makers (with a marked “Z”) instead of Nespresso or Idea furniture instead of IKEA. But car brands are trying to register without changing the spelling.

But not the fact that we are talking about the production of cars under these brands. For example, the application for the Audi brand, submitted by the non-profit organization Intellectual Property Market Support Agency (APRIS), concerns registration in class 3, ie perfumes and cleaning products. The same organization applied for the names Mastercard and American Express, but in class 9 – scientific and research equipment and instruments.

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