New Isuzu Mu-X: three pluses and one (full) minus

The new Isuzu Mu-X SUV doesn’t just boast clean looks and practicality. Kirill Mileshkin, an expert at Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, noted a number of invaluable advantages of the car and, of course, some shortcomings. Where do without them?

Isuzu Mu-X is a frame SUV with a 180 hp 3-liter turbo diesel, an automatic transmission, a spacious three-row interior, four-wheel drive and an enormous lifespan of 20,000 km.

The first plus is being a millionaire

The main advantage of the Isuzu Mu-X was the engine – this is not it V-shaped “six”, and a four-cylinder inline engine with a cast iron block and low forcing. The unit is placed on heavier commercial vehicles, where resources and endurance are important. According to experts, with proper maintenance, it can last a million kilometers.

The second plus is the suspension

An SUV was created based on the D-Max pickup. But it stands out for the better in terms of ride comfort. Engineers shortened the frame and replaced the rear leaf springs with springs, essentially turning the rear suspension into a passenger car. As a result, you can drive in relative comfort without dismantling the road – it does not shake or sway here, like in a pickup.

New Isuzu Mu-X: three pluses and one (full) minus

The third plus is a light interior

The interior of the SUV corresponds to its appearance – it looks interesting and modern. For example, the interiors of Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport look simpler.

The interior is properly assembled. When driving over potholes and bumps, the interior does not creak. In addition, comfortable seats have been placed here, the backrest of the second row of seats can be tilted and the rear passengers have their own climate zone.

New Isuzu Mu-X: three pluses and one (full) minus

Are there any drawbacks? Yes!

The part-time four-wheel drive system has its own characteristics, which is why many manufacturers have chosen to abandon it. A hard four-wheel drive does not have the best effect on the car’s handling: it is not so easy to maneuver and it is not always safe when driving on a winding road, for example. The way out is to switch to rear-wheel drive (this can be done at speeds up to 100 km/h). This improves steerability and saves the resources of chassis components and assemblies. But it remains alarming: such a heavy car – and rear-wheel drive.

The expert also noted other features of the Isuzu Mu-X SUV, which you can learn more about by purchasing the April issue of “Behind the Wheel” magazine – on sale soon.

The material was prepared based on the article “Part-time is not a hindrance” by Kirill Mileshkin, published in the 04.2022 issue of “Za Rulem” magazine.

Source: Z R


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