A video has emerged of elderly Kurgan residents crawling on a plank over a cliff to collect their pensions 19:07

In the village of Dukhovka in the Kurgan region, pensioners and other residents are forced to crawl over a narrow boardwalk instead of a bridge to reach civilization. he is writing Life connected to Shot.

“To get a pension – on all fours: residents of the Kurgan village are forced to crawl to the post office and to buy food. “The old bridge was washed away by the flood and people were cut off from civilization,” the publication says.

Instead of the previous bridge over the cliff, a wooden crossing has appeared, through which you can only crawl to the other side. That’s why even emergency services can’t get into the village. According to the channel, the Popular Front has promised to help solve the problem.

Before that there was a traffic police car in the town of Ivanteevka, Moscow region. collapsed during the demonstrations, on the head of an employee. It was noted that the event took place at the training center for traffic police. The Cascade acrobatics team performed there. In the published footage, a traffic police vehicle is seen maneuvering on two wheels. The car was supposed to pass over the employee lying on the ground, but instead the car sank and crushed the head of the wheel.

Earlier, due to a major accident, the city was south-east of Moscow paralytic movement.

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Source: Gazeta


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