The new Hyundai Santa Fe decided to release earlier

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been the brand’s best-selling SUV in South Korea since its first launch in 2000. Now sales are hampered by a new one Sorento (57,578 Santa Fe bought in South Korea in 2021 vs 76,883 bought Kia Sorento). Therefore, management decided to speed up the release of the fifth generation Santa Fe.

They add fuel to the fire and two new items from the Hyundai – Palisade, which was bought by 64,791 people, and the new Tucson, which in the LWB version is only 1 cm shorter than the Santa Fe.

It has already been confirmed that the new Santa Fe will be much bigger and closer to the Palisade.

Demand for Santa Fe could fall further once kia will start selling the new Kia Sportage in June. That is, the Santa Fe sold today has nothing to catch on the market — updates aren’t enough to attract buyers.

Hyundai Motor Company to Accelerate Development of the Fifth Generation Santa Fe for almost a year and will present the car at the end of 2022.

Image: Hyundai

Source: Z R


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