Ducks caught on video attacking a pedestrian in the Moscow region 20:13

Ducks caught on video attacking a pedestrian in the Moscow region 20:13

In Lobnya, near Moscow, a family of ducks attacked a pedestrian who was helping them cross the road. In this respect he is writing Telegram channel Mash.

“Feathered attack in Lobnya near Moscow. “Father Duck desperately protects his family from leatherbacks,” the publication says.

In the footage, the duck family can be seen successfully crossing the road and jumping onto the pavement. However, the chicks remained on the runway because they could not climb. As a result, the author of the video decided to help the ducklings, but the adult bird reacted aggressively and flew at the man.

Former Gorky Park employees rescued A mallard hatchling without a mother duck was noticed by natural area workers at Golitsynsky Pond – the duckling was surrounded by several adult darts, and there were no mallards or other chicks nearby. They then decided to take the duckling and raise it in a special enclosure.

A woman in the center of Moscow before blocked A family of ducks was caught on video making their way.

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Source: Gazeta


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