It was learned why State Duma deputy Ezubov had an accident in the opposite lane 17:59

State Duma deputy Alexey Ezubov, who caused an accident in the opposite lane in the Moscow region said He said on his Telegram channel that his health deteriorated after the accident.

“Today, the news media contains various information about traffic accidents in the Moscow region. I would like to state the following about this situation: With great sadness, I had a traffic accident due to the sharp deterioration of my health,” the deputy says in his message.

According to him, he apologized to the injured driver and wished him a speedy recovery. He also noted that he felt good.

State Duma deputy Ezubov in the city of Istra on June 13 hit in the accident. According to the media, the 76-year-old MP was traveling from the village of Obushkovo towards Chesnokovo. At one point he decided to violate traffic rules, crossed into the oncoming lane and collided with a Land Rover. As a result of the accident, Ezubov suffered head injuries and abrasions. The Land Rover driver was also diagnosed with a head injury and also suffered a bruise to his forearm.

Telegram channel Baza said, citing eyewitnesses who provided first aid to the official. reportedState Duma deputy Alexei Ezubov, who caused an accident in the Moscow region, smelled of alcohol. The results of the MP’s medical examination are unknown.

Formerly senior manager of a luxury boutique hotel in the center of Moscow collapsed in the paddy wagon.

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Source: Gazeta


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