Details about the successor of Lamborghini Huracan have emerged 06/08/2024, 23:49

The new Lamborghini model, which is expected to be the successor of the Huracan supercar, will be equipped with an engine more powerful than 900 horsepower. In this respect reported Italian car manufacturer Stefan Winkelmann is on the social network LinkedIn.

We are talking about the 634 model, which will be equipped with a hybrid installation. It should become one of the brand’s most powerful cars. The new product will include a 4.0-liter V8 engine, twin turbocharger, a hybrid system consisting of three electric motors and an 8-speed transmission. It is also known that the maximum engine speed will be 10 thousand revolutions.

Lamborghini in May presented A special version of the Revuelto supercar. The first introduction of the car, equipped with a V12 engine and three electric motors, took place last spring. The model became the successor of the Aventador supercar. Now, as part of the Lamborghini Arena event, the company has introduced a new version of the Revuelto with a special exterior and interior design.

happened before knownThe cars that Russians order most from abroad.

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Source: Gazeta


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