Avtotor responded to AvtoVAZ’s harsh statements 20:13

Kaliningrad plant Avtotor will not discuss with AvtoVAZ in the media. socialbites.ca was informed about this by the Avtotor press service.

“We do not engage in unconstructive discussions. Our company and its management do not find it possible to enter into a quarrel at the level of a kitchen scandal. We will not comment on the current situation and we ask you not to continue this topic in the press,” said the Avtotor press service.

They reminded that the company operates under the conditions provided for in the Private Investment Agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Kaliningrad Region, which clearly states all the requirements and investment obligations regarding the company’s activities. Its implementation is strictly controlled and evaluated by the regulatory body.

“Information on the results of this activity is available. We also invite everyone to learn more about the progress of Avtotor’s investment projects in the annual press conference format,” the press service added.

Before that, at SPIEF 2024, the head of AvtoVAZ Maxim Sokolov harshly answered Avtotor President Denis Pak criticized the increasing prices of Lada cars. He decided to specifically remember the history of the other company. According to Sokolov, Avtotor “has not produced anything domestic and competitive” since 1996, and no parts of its cars have been localized. The president of AvtoVAZ wondered who the company actually worked for.

Previously AvtoVAZ presented new Lada Vesta.

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Source: Gazeta


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